Veleda the Corolla

Colour Silver
Description This Toyota Corolla is comfortable, powerful and great for both short errands and longer trips.
Capacity 5
Current Pod Westmead - Central Avenue near Railway Parade
This car is located in a dedicated bay on Central Avenue near Railway Parade.

If the dedicated bay is taken, please report the illegally parked car to Parramatta Council on 9806 5050. Please also take a photograph of the offending car (or full description if a photo is not possible) and email it to

The car can then be parked in a nearby resident permit excepted zone. PLEASE NOTE: The Goget car will only be safe from enforcement if the offending vehicle has been reported to the council and the car is parked in a legal parking space that is not ticket parking. Any fines will be passed on the member responsible for parking the car.

If the car is not obviously visible from the pod, send us a txt on 0427 777 769 with the location so we can let the next member know.

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This pod is open 24/7.

Registration Plate CJ88ZM
Fuel type E10 or Unleaded 91
Transmission Auto
Is it OK to have pets in this vehicle? No
Child Seat This is one of our baby friendly vehicles. Fitting the child seat is the member's responsibility. Please note: Members are allowed to remove the seat during a booking if they need the whole back seat free. When returning the child seat, simply leave it in the boot or back seat.