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Glebe - Gottenham Street

This pod is located on Gottenham Street near the corner of Bridge Road in a dedicated bay provided by the City of Sydney.

This pod is open 24/7.

Can't park the car? Please follow these steps to avoid a parking fine: 1. Photograph the car in the GoGet pod and note down the registration; 2. Find the closest "resident permit excepted" space or unrestricted parking 3. Notify GoGet of the illegally parked cars registration and the alternative parking location of the GoGet vehicle by calling 1300 769 389 (for out of hours you can leave a voicemail) or texting us on 0427 777 769. The only way the car will not receive a parking fine is if the above steps are followed and we can notify Council. Any fines as a result of the above steps not being followed will be passed on to the responsible member.


Hargun the Cerato
This Kia Cerato is comfortable, powerful and great for both short errands and longer trips.